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Students in specific course for ELE students


Chinese New Year. Year of the Rat

On January 25th the New Year started. According to the Chinese calendar, the year 4718 has started and will be finishing by mid February. ELE students cook traditional dishes for the celebration.


Seville welcomes the new group of students!

As every year, Sevilla welcomes the Chinese students who trust in “ELE Asesores Lingüísticos” professionals to develop their Spanish Studies.


Community Service Day at the Orchard of the Moorish King

Every semester the students join this community service activity. This helps to immerse in the host culture and learn the enviromental importance of this ancient urban vegetable garden. Students painted the walls and cleared out the areas where kids play and spent a nice morning together under the shade of their beautiful trees in the heart of the historic center of Sevilla.






V Day of Introduction to the Chinese Culture

The V Day of Introduction to the Chinese #Culture has been recently celebrated. Our students had the opportunity to share specific aspects of their culture with local students of different ages. Integration, immersion, and lots of fun.



Chinese Gastronomy Days



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Jornadas gastronómicas chinas Los estudiantes de la clase de Cultura de Intermedio junto a otras personas han organizado unas jornadas gastronómicas que han tenido lugar en la cocina del centro de estudios y han durado dos días. Los estudiantes se han organizado en dos grupos, con mezcla de nivel y nacionalidad, donde lo importante era el intercambio sociocultural y lingüístico. Una vez creados los grupo, se ha procedido a la elaboración del menú y a la distribución de tareas. 中国美食日 中级文化课的同学和其他同学一起在学习中心的厨房里举办了一次中国美食日的活动,并持续了两天。不同水平和国籍的同学们分为两组,重点进行社会文化和语言的交流。分组后,大家详细讨论菜单内容并分配各自的任务。 Chinese Gastronomy Days The students from the Culture class (intermediate level), along with other collaborators have organized two Chinese gastronomy days that took place in the kitchen of the Study Center. The group was divided in two, mixing different nationalities and Spanish levels, to facilitate the sociocultural and language exchange. Once the groups were formed, the menus were elaborated and the tasks distributed among the participants. #sabroso #like #comidachina #ccs #comidasasiaticas #china #asia #lomein #aprenderespañol #educacióninternacional #inmersiónlingüística #formacióneducativa #estudiantes #studiesabroad #chinesestudents #students #estudianteschinos #estudiarespañol #spain #travel #learningspanish #learninglanguages #chinesefood #arroz #arroztresdelicias #rice #gastronomiachina #chinesegastronomy

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Lantern Festival



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Fiesta de los Faroles Actividad organizada en varias sesiones con el grupo de estudiantes chinos y americanos de la clase de Cultura española de nivel intermedio. El motivo era la celebración del último día del Año Nuevo Chino: “La fiesta de los faroles”. Para ello hemos trabajado las competencias sociocultural y sociolingüística. 元宵节活动 为了庆祝中国农历新年最后一天的“元宵节”,西班牙语言文化中级班的中国同学和美国同学一起组织了元宵节写新年心愿放天灯活动,锻炼了学生们的社会文化和社会语言能力。 Lantern Festival This activity was organized in several sessions with the group of Chinese students along with American students from the Spanish Culture class (intermediate level). “Lantern Festival”: the celebration of the last day of the Chinese New Year. In this way, we have strengthen our sociocultural and sociolinguistic skills. #aprenderespañol #educacióninternacional #inmersiónlingüística #formacióneducativa #estudiantes #studiesabroad #chinesestudents #students #estudianteschinos #estudiarespañol #spain #travel #learningspanish #learninglanguages #faroles #lantern #sevilla #guadalquivir #chinesenewyear #añonuevochino

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ELE invites alumni to give a presentation in order to inform the current group of students about the study abroad experience. The guest speaker shares first hand advices and debate with the audience.

October 18th, 2017

Exchange with local students

Students practice their Spanish with local students who are learning Chinese. The event takes places in a cafeteria where ELE treat them with coffee.


June 28th, 2017

Welcome Trip

As every year, Chinese students trust in “ELE Asesores Lingüísticos” professionals to develop their Spanish Studies in our country. Excitement and eagerness mix together when starting this new adventure that would soon become an enrichment opportunity at all levels. That’s why at “ELE Asesores Lingüísticos” we pursue the integration of the students since the very beginning, creating an atmosphere full of confidence that allows students to exceed their expectations.



April 25th, 2017

Presentations for International Students

This week ELE students in Sevilla has told other international students about their daily lifes in China, Chinese cuisine, and the features of their home towns.


March 1st, 2017

Soccer day

ELE (Salamanca) students playing soccer with other International students


February 17th, 2017

Tapas Day

Today, Friday, we have been with ELE students to a typical tapas bar downtown. They especially enjoyed the Mediterranean and Iberian pizza.
This activity provided the students with the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and interact with the bar staff. They could also have a first hand experience of how to behave in a Spanish bar. Mª Cruz Rubiales, “Destrezas Comunicativas” (Communicative Skills) Professor accompanied them.



February 9th, 2017

Chinese New Year

USAL and ELE celebrating Chinese New Year.



April 22nd, 2016

Archaeological Museum Tour

Last Friday, April 22nd, ELE students from the class “Destrezas Globales” visited the Archaeological Museum of Sevilla as an activity out of the classroom. Accompanied by their professor, Mari Cruz Rubiales, they could enjoy a tour through the different stages of our History, from prehistory until the Arab world.



Abril 8th, 2016

A group of ELE students in Sevilla visit the Joaquín Murube High School

April 8th is the International Roma Day and that was the day when a group of ELE students visited this school with a high representation of Gipsy population among its studens. The director greeted the group, showed the facilities and answered the questions that the students had regarding to the courses and initiatives.


March 15th, 2016

ELE Asesores and the Autonomous University of Madrid

In 2016, the Autonomous University of Madrid joined the list of prestigious universities ELE Asesores works with. The first students are going to finish their language training in July and will have the chance to continue their studies within this university.



December 3rd, 2015

Celebrating Chinese New Year

ELE Asesores programs across Spain celebrate with the students the arrival of the New Year! Among other activities, we are having a workshop to show this celebration to the rest of international students from their different universities.



September 2nd, 2015

Integration in the city

The students at the program in Sevilla have the chance to collaborate with NGOs and schools. Such activities enhance their integration and communicative skills. Students collaborate with other volunteers in the “Healthy breakfasts” program that take place in several schools across Sevilla. This program emphasizes the importance of healthy eating habits.