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The office and its location

Welcome to Sevilla! Sevilla is the capital of Andalucía, split in two by the Guadalquivir River. Nowadays, it is one of the most attractive cities for Chinese students. Sevilla, full of history and culture, is the fourth largest city in Spain and the largest one in the South. Traces of pre-Roman, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance times can be found in Sevilla. We can find monuments and churches of different styles.

The office in Sevilla is a reference point for all ELE students. We are here to answer their questions and help them make the most of their time abroad.

EThere is a small library in the office with a selection of Spanish literature books (sometimes required for their college classes). There is a wide variety of textbooks, bilingual dictionaries, travel guides and novels.

The computers in the study room are also available for students to do their homework or use the internet.

The history of the UIMP

Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo is an autonomous organism of the Ministry of Education and Science, and defines itself as a center for culture, research and specialization. They organize activities for different college degrees. Their main goal since its foundation in 1932 is to spread culture and science, encourage scientific and cultural information exchange of international and interregional interest, and develop activities for research and specialization.

Throughout its history, UIMP has developed activities not only in Santander, where the headquarters are located, but also in other cities, like Sevilla.


In Sevilla, ELE offers the best homestay options, which allows the student to integrate in a Spanish-speaking environment, and practice Spanish and experience the culture at the same time. The Spanish families have hosted students for ELE Asesores Lingüísticos for more than ten years and have been selected for their experience and good work. All families are located in the center of Sevilla, so they are not only close to their study center, but also to the places students will frequent the most during their stay in the city.

Other services

  • Integration through volunteering.
  • Internships for students of the Master in European Studies and Master in Finantial Consulting and Applied Economic Analysis.
  • Possibility of excursions and visits to other cities with specialized tour guides.

About the city

Sevilla, with almost a million inhabitants, is not only the capital city of Andalucía and, therefore, and gate to this region, but it is also famous worldwide for its strong cultural identity: Triana is one of the reference points of Flamenco, Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Bullfighting is present in Sevilla and surrounding villages. The bullring in Sevilla is one of the most important ones in Spain. Sevilla is also well known for Holy Week, the April Fair and “sevillanas”, the typical dance. The testimony of the three cultures that coexisted here for so long is present in monuments, gastronomy and traditions.


Sevilla offers a matchless mixture in Spain. It is the political and economic capital and, at the same time, the relaxed pace of the city gives the impression of being one the biggest cities in Spain. Seville is tradition and modernity at once, open to foreign students and conservative at the same time.

As a famous Spanish writer once said: “Sevillians think that they live in the most beautiful city in the world… but the worst part of it all is that they may even be right!”

Reliance program

The reliance program is intended for those students from the People’s Republic of China interested in starting their higher education / higher studies in Spain, once they have obtained their Secondary Education certificate (Pu Tong Gao Zhong Bi Ye Zheng Shu) and their national exam credential (Gao Kao).

The reliance program guarantees the possibility of studying at a Spanish university to those students who have passed the Gao Kao with a low grade.

Students with the best grades would have other choices available.

EThis program is also called “Assurance Program”, since admission in university is assured for the studies offered in the selected Spanish universities.