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Why should international students choose ELE Asesores?

NO program or agency in Spain offers the same services as ELE. While others offer a phone number to get impersonal assistance, ELE cares about the individual and personal safety and learning process. What is more, ELE offers the possibility to customize the experience abroad, thus, you can find what you are looking for.

ELE offices provide students with what they need and constitute a useful reference point to satisfy their needs:

Extracurricular services

  • Bank account.
  • Foreigners ID card (NIE).
  • University registration process.
  • Preparatory lessons for the university admission test.
  • Medical insurance and specialized medical assistance.
  • Accommodation in a host family for the first four weeks.


Accommodation in a host family enhances the cultural experience and allow students to keep learning Spanish outside the classroom. Our host families have been hosting students from different countries for many years. In order to provide the best homestays, a detailed selection process guarantees their quality. Other housing options are also available.


Other extracurricular services

  • Orientation meetings at arrival to destination.
  • Personalized monitoring of the progress of the students through interviews and reports.
  • Orientation and counseling for their daily life.
  • Wifi, study room and library in all ELE offices.
  • Cultural activities and visits to places of interest.
  • Integration activities.
  • Possibility of excursions and visits to other cities with specialized tour guides.
  • Specialized coordinator responsible of the group.
  • Contact person and emergency assistance 24/7.