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The office and its location

The ELE office in Madrid is located in Calle Mayor, by Puerta del Sol, the neuralgic center of the city. In this place, which is the kilometer zero of all roads in Spain, numerous historic events have taken place. In addition, Spaniards gather here every year on December 31st to welcome the New Year. The ELE office provides students with anything they may need, which turns the office into a reference and information point. Our staff in Madrid has many years of experience.

The history of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) was conceived to widen the university offer of Madrid in the middle of the last century. Currently, it is formed by seven departments (Science, Economic and Business Sciences, Law, Philosophy and Literature, Medicine, Psychology and Teacher Training and Education), along with an Advanced Polytechnic School – which is mostly located in the Cantoblanco campus -, three Nursing schools and several other affiliated centers. ELE offers a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in scientific, technical and humanistic areas. It was proclaimed Campus of International Excellence in 2009 and has reached a high international prestige for both, teaching quality and research. It is one of the most renowned universities in national and international rankings.

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ELE Madrid offers the best homestay options, which allows the student to integrate in a Spanish-speaking environment, and practice Spanish and experience the culture at the same time. The Spanish families have hosted students for ELE Asesores Lingüísticos for more than ten years and have been selected for their experience and good work. All families are located in the center of Madrid, so they are not only close to their study center, but also to the places students will frequent the most during their stay in the city.

Other services

  • Possibility of excursions and visits to other cities with specialized tour guides.

About the city

madrid-03Madrid is the capital city of Spain, with over 3 million inhabitants, which makes it the biggest and most populated city in the country. It is located in the center of Spain, between the Castillian mesetas – a particular enclave, an entry to other important historical and cultural sites. It is easy to fly to any place within Spain and Europe through its international airport.
Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, loyal to its traditions, culture and art, but it is also a modern place, with an important business center located in the principal axis of the city: la Castellana. If you walk down this avenue you will see El Prado, the most visited museum in Spain, or the Reina Sofía Museum. The city is also well known for its vibrant college atmosphere.

Reliance program

The reliance program is intended for those students from the People’s Republic of China interested in starting their higher studies in Spain, once they have obtained their Secondary Education certificate (Pu Tong Gao Zhong Bi Ye Zheng Shu) and their national exam credential (Gao Kao).

The reliance program guarantees the possibility of studying at a Spanish university to those students who have passed the Gao Kao with a low grade.

Students with the best grades would have other choices available.

This program is also called “Assurance Program”, since admission in university is assured for the studies offered in the selected Spanish universities.