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The office and its location

ELE Asesores has two offices in Salamanca. Both are located in the historical center of the city, walking distance from the historical building of Universidad de Salamanca and Plaza Mayor, which is the principal axis of the city. Among other services, the offices of ELE Asesores provide students with personalized assistance, access to the internet and academic sources, enabling students to practice their Spanish.

The staff at ELE Asesores has years of experience in the field and provides students with anything they may need during the program, regarding accommodation, academic matters or administrative formalities. In addition, the staff at ELE Asesores is available 24/7 for emergencies.

The history of USAL

The Universidad de Salamanca is the oldest and most prestigious of all Spanish universities. Although it was founded in the thirteenth century, it would not achieve its splendor until the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The first grammar of a Romance language, the law of nations and the international law came to light among its walls. Lucía Medrano, the first woman to teach at university, was a professor in USAL. Other distinguished professors, such us Francisco de Vitoria, Fray Luis de León, San Juan de la Cruz or Miguel de Unamuno started the academic excellence that continues to our day.



In Salamanca, ELE offers the best homestay options, which allows the student to integrate in a Spanish-speaking environment, and practice Spanish and experience the culture at the same time. The Spanish families have hosted students for ELE Asesores Lingüísticos for more than ten years and have been selected for their experience and good work. All families are located in the center of Salamanca, so they are not only close to their study center, but also to the places students will frequent the most during their stay in the city.

Other services

  • Possibility of excursions and visits to other cities with specialized tour guides.
  • Possibility of joining a preparatory course for DELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language Certificate)

About the city

salamanca-01Salamanca is a lively city, always full of people, anytime during the day or night. The college atmosphere, thousands of young people strolling the old streets, creates a very special environment. There is no experience as being a student in Salamanca.

Another ingredient that contributes to its historical charming is the architectonic authenticity of it monumental core. It goes without saying that Plaza Mayor is the favorite place where both tourists and locals meet every day. There are two cathedrals in Salamanca: the Old Cathedral, with its original Torre del Gallo, and the New Cathedral with its magnificent Villamayor stone romanic and gothic sculptures. It is a pleasure to wander around this college town par excellence, enjoying its countless churches, convents and palaces. The Clerecía, the Convento de San Esteban – a masterpiece of plateresque in Spain -, the Palacio Monterrey, the Casa de las Conchas and its façade, patio and wonderful gallery; the Garden of Calixto and Melibea, where the lovers met in the theater play La Celestina. And, of course, the extremely famous university, with its unique plateresque façade and its legendary frog.

It comes as no surprise that it was declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

This high concentration of wonderful monuments and the magical reflection of their golden stone (even from the newest ones) covering it all and the culture that permeates everything transmit a unique sensation: you either want to stay or to come back, because Salamanca wins your heart and enchants your will.

Reliance program

salamanca-02The reliance program is intended for those students from the People’s Republic of China interested in starting their higher education / higher studies in Spain, once they have obtained their Secondary Education certificate (Pu Tong Gao Zhong Bi Ye Zheng Shu) and their national exam credential (Gao Kao).

The reliance program guarantees the possibility of studying at a Spanish university to those students who have passed the Gao Kao with a low grade.

Students with the best grades would have other choices available.

This program is also called “Assurance Program”, since admission in university is assured for the studies offered in the selected Spanish universities.