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About ELE Asesores

About us

ELE Asesores Lingüísticos is an organization that brings together the best services and the best quality of teaching to study in Spain. ELE is formed by a group of professors from the most prestigious Spanish universities, in order to collaborate with them and become a model in the field of Spanish as a foreign language. Juan Eguiluz Pacheco, professor of International Courses at Universidad de Salamanca and Academic Director of ELE, leads this team with his wide experience in the Spanish and Spanish as a Foreign Language fields, especially with college students from China, Europe and the United States.

Our philosophy

Academic excellence is our main goal. In order to achieve that, the certificates and credentials belong to colleges of worldwide recognition.
For those interested in learning Spanish in Spain, ELE offers an excellent academic experience in the most prestigious universities across Spain, immersion in its cultural richness, and personal, social, academic and professional growth of our students


Our goals

These are our objectives for our international students:

  •  Offering the highest quality academic experience
  •  Orienting towards an unforgettable cultural experience
  •  Customizing a unique experience in Spain to maximize future academic and professional performance

ELE also aims to offer parents and relatives comfort and safety, which we do through our qualified and experienced staff, our network of offices and a guaranteed and systematic channel of communication.